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"Your BODY Series" of Classes

We are working on virtual options at this time.

Please check back later for more information.

You will learn information for FREE that is not likely presented in any other childbirth/parenting class on how to proactively optimize your transforming body during the childbearing years.



  • Strategies for encouraging baby positioning and why it matters

  • The biomechanics of a birthing body

  • Protection of vulnerable areas to prevent/relieve common pain patterns

  • Proactive habits to optimize postpartum physical recovery

  • Advantages and disadvantages of various delivery positions



  • Immediate perineum care and scar healing (perineal and c-section)

  • Protective movement strategies for the first month

  • What is “normal” bowel/bladder/sexual functioning after birth?

  • Breastfeeding implications to vulvar tissue and body mechanics

  • Safe return to exercise recommendations including “core muscle” training

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