The foundation of Vitality Physical Therapy, LLC is expert clinical reasoning and differential diagnosis using the most current evidence-based research in combination with a holistic approach to wellness. Women's pelvic health with expertise in pregnancy and postpartum rehab is based on over 20 years of wisdom from teaching and serving birthing and postpartum women.


The belief that a woman is "forever" postpartum provides hope that healing may occur throughout a lifetime. The human body intrinsically strives to achieve a state of optimal functioning and health. By capitalizing on the incredible resilience and interconnections of all body systems, it is possible to make efficient, effective and sustainable gains toward individual’s goals. 

Highly specialized and refined physical therapy treatment techniques and paradigms are implemented based on a broad array of influences such as Functional Medicine, Midwifery, Osteopathic Medicine, Psychotherapy, Nutrition and Mindfulness. 


Each client has dynamic, individualized needs that are fully respected and taken into consideration with every encounter. Treatments are conducted 1:1 with the same therapist in a private, non-judgmental,  environment to foster personal empowerment and full vitality. We practice trauma-informed care with all patients at all times.